Eyes on The Prize

I will never forget the day I picked up my new surfboard from the surf shop. I was so excited … it was my first custom-made surfboard and I couldn’t wait to take that beauty out onto the ocean. I was living the dream. When I brought the board out of the shop, I quickly put it in the back of my car with part of it hanging out the back window. Perfect, now I can admire it in my rearview window while driving.

So there I was, one happy girl driving and admiring as I’m going down the road. All of a sudden I noticed a car come screeching around me completely out of control until it finally ended up onto the median. I remember thinking “what’s this guy’s problem, he almost killed me?!!'” I immediately made a U- turn and pulled my car over onto the median to check it out.  So did the police. As the events of the accident unfolded, I learned that it was my fault… my fault. I took my eyes off the road! I felt terrible to say the least, and to this day I’m beyond thankful no one was hurt. I also never made it to my destination that day.

I valued that surfboard. I worked for it. I waited for it. But in fact the surfboard wasn’t the prize, it was only part of the larger picture – the destination.