…It’s Everything

It was a simple act of kindness that touched a nerve in me. An unexpected outcome and a side of me revealed that was a surprise.

While on an errand one day, I was about to enter the doorway of a building when I noticed an elderly woman walking along side me. I stopped, opened the door for her to pass through … with a scowl on her face she quickly brushed by me and said not a word, as though she was annoyed by the very gesture. In that moment, for some reason, I couldn’t find my usual response of “just smile and move on.”

What I felt had little to do with the woman and I didn’t really expect a return on my investment, but rather it was another reminder of how we treat each other. Well, after the woman walked through the door, I closed the door and stood there in silence … for a moment. It was then that the rudeness of yet another person got to me. It was also then, I decided to open the door, pop my head in and say to her, “that right there, is why this generation is messed up!!”
Oh mercy.
I know.
Sadness and loneliness happens to all of us and this woman could’ve been suffering from a terrible loss in her life … or the pain of loneliness. I don’t know. But I do know there are people who are disgruntled, sometimes angry because of the disappointments in their own lives. And certainly a bitter root can take hold. I also know that bad behavior can be passed down from one to another.

Yes, I am a Christian/believer and Jesus has shown me a lot of mercy in my own life. I mean after all, He plucked me from the miry muck and placed my feet upon a rock for sure. Countless times He has shown me His faithfulness and forgiveness. I am writing this to you that you may know Jesus. Because plain and simple, He is the answer to society’s ills.

Proverbs 14:12 says, “there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, leads to death.”
This really speaks to me because it is what happens when a man chooses to live a life apart from God, where vain imaginations have no borders. And simply put, it is where we are today. The choice we make to either live for Jesus or to deny Him, I have learned … is everything.